Hail Lucifer

The True Story ov Mordgier
by Sarkueil

"I formed the band in the beginning of 2002 under the name of TRIUMPHANT.
Mainly due to lack of appropriate people I was alone in the band for a few months. In November 2002 I invited guitarist Klimorh to the band. I played
with him in his band Non Opus Dei. In this time he was the only person with whom I partly agreed, musically and ideologically. A few days later we find
a drummer (Krieger), who perfectly understood my vision of music and idea of band. Also in this time I changed name to MORDGIER. Just after three rehersals
we played a concert at the Night ov Torment Festival # 4 (together with Vesania, Parricide...) and we recorded demo "In Deathcold Mist" in Selani Studio. We recorded 8 songs
in just a few hours. Demo was produced and mixed by Szymon Czech (R.I.P.). In 2003 demo "In Deathcold Mist" was released by Signum Diaboli Rekords only on tape.
In the end of 2003 Krieger left the band (due to the duties in private life and the distance, he lived in other city). In 2004 further cooperation with
Klimorh was not possible and the band stopped activity but never split-up. For many reasons (private life, new band and health problems)
I haven't time for normal activity, but in this time of inactivity I created some new songs. Oficially MORDGIER is active again since
January 2016 and the band exist in London now."



[bass / guitars / vocals]

[guitars, backing vocal] (2002-2004)
Krieger (R.I.P. 2016) [drums] (2002-2003)
Diavul [drums] (2016-2018)